La Petite Camera

To the complaint, 'There are no people in these photographs,' I respond:
There are always two people; the photographer and the viewer.
- Ansel Adams
IMG_3208 on Flickr.A fly & bee, Cameron Highlands.
IMG_3241 on Flickr.Alternative use for wellies, Cameron Highlands.
IMG_3260 on Flickr.Seen at a lavender farm, Cameron Highlands.
IMG_3272 on Flickr.BOH tea plantation viewing Deck, Cameron Highlands.
IMG_3285 on Flickr.Tea Plantation workers’ accommodation, Cameron Highlands.
IMG_3335 on Flickr.BOH tea plantation, Cameron Highlands.
IMG_3415 on Flickr.View from Brinchang Hill, Cameron Highlands
IMG_3446 on Flickr.Branches seen at Cameron Highlands.
Photo 26-08-2014 05 56 45 on Flickr.Rainforest, Cameron Highlands.

Hello lovely followers!

Sorry I have been away for a while! Summer holidays have just ended and I returned to the UK almost 2 weeks ago. Things have been hectic with moving in and working but I managed to find some time to upload some of my pictures from Cameron Highlands. Hope you enjoy them!

xx Olivia

IMG_3431 on Flickr.2000M above sea level at Brinchang Hill, Cameron Highlands.
A rose seen in Hyde Park, London.
Huntress Fountain, Hyde Park, London.
The Albert Memorial, Hyde Park.
Green Park, London.